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Drop by our boutique and see our line of Custom Jewelry, Studs, Bars & Navel Jewelry!

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The Body Art movement is linked to the happenings of the 1960s which used the human body as the prime medium for the art and a style of art where the artist uses his or her own body as the medium for expression often shown in private or public performances. Body art is art made on, or consisting of, the human body.

Adorning the visible, material body, satisfies a universal longing for the embellishment of its intangible counterpart, namely the human spirit. Ornamentation not only serves to please the eyes of the beholder but also fulfils an auspicious purpose. The impulse to adorn stems from a deep rooted sensibility to mark every occasion of life with auspicious symbols, designs and figures to obtain good fortune and protection from evil.

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